3-D computed tomography (CT) X-ray – the essential equipment for precise dental diagnostic procedures

One of the most important basic conditions of a successful dental treatment is that the dentist gets an exact and accurate view of the current condition of the teeth. The accurate diagnostic identification is extremely important in case of insertion of implants, bone substitution processes, in case of the treatment of some periodontal diseases and oral surgical operations.


A new technology makes digital diagnostics at our clinic complete: the 3-D digital panorama X-ray with Cone Beam CT. This diagnostic equipment based on modern technology ensures exact diagnostic analysis and the compilation of individual treatment plans.

What are the benefits of the use of 3-D CT X-ray equipment?

You don’t have to go to an extern X-ray centre, if you should need a panorama X-ray image or a CT scan for your treatment

The equipment is suitable for making anatomically exact 3-D scans

Capture precisely accurate 3-D views to analyze even small details

Preparation of exact treatment plans due to 3-D images

The amount of bone substance is clearly visible

The equipment makes the planning process of implant treatments more precise, calculable, which are our main profile

Lower radiation dose exposure to the patient

The diagnostic evaluation and the individual planning of the treatments are carried out by special software, so your dentist can develop an ideal treatment plan for you

The preparation of panorama X-ray images and 3-D CT scans are cost-effective at our clinic

A powerful diagnostic and treatment tool, which allows complex procedures to be done quickly and with greater confidence and accuracy in any field of dental treatments (planning of dentures, difficult tooth extractions, making of dental crowns, bridges etc.)

What to do if you want to take part in a safe dental treatment, where you can find everything at one place for precise diagnostic analysis and dental treatment?

The success of dental treatments is our common interest. The most important step in this direction is to set up an accurate diagnosis. The 3-D CT equipment at our dental clinic provides perfect conditions for this. You can make a treatment appointment at our dental office under the telephone number.

We are looking forward to welcome you in our dental office.