Laser treatment

Laser treatment – modern device, in the service of your health.
HIn the field of modern dentistry laser treatments provide a gentle and careful alternative treatment option in a number of areas. Herpes, oral aphthae or even ulcer can be treated successfully with diode laser. Biostimulation promotes wound healing. With the help of dental laser several dental interventions can be carried out in a more precise way, without any pain or bleeding.

What are the benefits of using laser in dentistry?

Laser treatments are completely painless and safe.

There is no swelling or bleeding after the treatment.

The healing period after the treatment is shorter and there are less complications

The gum treatment is conducted in a more gentle way and minimize bleeding.

In the laser light bacteria and germs have no chance to survive and will die off, even in hard-to-reach places, for example in gingival pockets or tooth root canals.

This method opens up new perspectives regarding the treatment of hypersensitive teeth.

What to do if you want to preserve the health of your teeth with modern and gentle dental procedures?

The development of dental treatments enables the application of such modern devices, which are not only effective in battle against bacteria, but also take care of the human organism at a maximum level.

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