Oral hygiene

Oral hygiene – scaling of dental calculus (tartar removing) with ultrasound for clean and healthy teeth

The maintenance of the optimal oral hygiene is an essential condition for a well-groomed appearance and a healthy life. In the interest of maintaining the beauty and function of teeth regular and thorough dental care is extremely important. Thorough teeth-brushing, the use of dental floss and interdental brushes protect against several diseases.

Which negative effects may neglected oral hygiene have?

Oral care at home and regular six-monthly visit of your dentist can significantly reduce dental problems which are mostly combined with discomfort or even pain, for example inflammation of the gum (gingivitis). Unfortunately dental tartar can’t be removed even in case of thorough oral care at home. Dental tartar contains bacteria causing inflammation of the gum. The symptoms are unpleasant breath and bleeding gum. The inflammation of the gum can lead to shrinking of the gum (periodontal disease), which causes bleeding, as a result of this the neck of the tooth becomes sensitive. Untreated inflammation of the gum may result in periodontal disease, degradation of bone substance and in the long run teeth become loose and lost in the final stage (periodontitis).

What are the benefits of oral hygiene treatments?

The painless oral hygiene treatments are carried out by qualified specialists, dental hygienists at the KG Dental Clinic with special tools developed for these purposes.

It’s worth repeating the professional teeth cleaning every half year, in order to prevent the inflammation of the gum and the occurrence of periodontal diseases, in the long run. After the treatment the mechanical irritations caused by dental tartar, the inflammation of the gum caused by bacteria, furthermore gum bleeding and unpleasant breath will disappear. By polishing the surface of the teeth becomes smooth and in many cases even brighter, which make them look more aesthetic and make cleaning easier.

What to do if you want to get rid of dental tartar causing inflammation of the gum and plaque deposits causing yellowish discolouration?

Oral hygiene treatments are excellent possibilities to prevent the integrity and health of your teeth and to get rid of bacteria containing plaque and dental tartar, yellow-brownish deposits during a painless treatment of half an hour.
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